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Weekly Digest – 27 September 2022

Welcome back to our Weekly Digest. Read on for the latest updates and some ideas to help us all move forward.

Permit and dining fees set to return to Melbourne

To ease the burden of the pandemic, the city allowed alfresco dining options at restaurants without having to pay a fee. Now that business is bouncing back, Melbourne is seeking to reestablish the permits traditionally required after waiving $2.36 million worth of fees since October 2020.

World stocks led down by Wall Street

The US Federal Reserve made it clear on Friday that it would continue to raise interest rates in an effort to stop inflation, even if it means causing a deeper recession.

Many iconic Aussie brands are being sold to foreign companies

There are many reasons why it seems like there has been a slew of foreign acquisitions of Australian companies lately, including the world opening back up for business after the pandemic. Some experts say the number of takeovers will only continue to rise.

It’s the right time to buy a mansion

As we ride the rollercoaster of the volatile housing market, one type of property has currently slid in value more than others. If you’re able to buy a mansion now you will likely snag a deal, as they gain more value during the good times than a modest house would. But buyer beware – they also lose the most value in the bad times, which is why now is a good time to buy.

Treasurer warns that owning a home is about to get even less affordable

For those of us who are unlikely to purchase a mansion anytime soon, Treasurer Jim Chalmers is warning Australians to “batten down the hatches.” With interest rates rising steadily in the US, he warns that the worst is yet to come in Australia.

Qantas restores vegetarian options after backlash

Australia’s national carrier was forced to backtrack on its decision that would have forced passengers to either eat meat or go hungry.

Did you notice our recent mining boom?

Believe it or not, Australia just experienced its greatest ever mining boom. Iron ore, copper, and coal all hit all-time price highs. The reason you likely didn’t notice is that it came with huge rises in gas export prices, so it actually made us poorer.

How to save money at the bowser

The temporary 22.1 cent fuel excise cut is set to end this week, just as the cost of living is as high as ever. Finder money expert Sarah Megginson shares two tricks that can help you save on your fuel costs.

Cryptocurrency investors falling victim to fake websites

A rising global cryptocurrency scam includes fake websites tricking investors into thinking they’re using a legitimate company.

Peeled mandarin orange for sale

Shoppers in Sydney were left gobsmacked last week when someone spotted a single mandarin orange for sale – peeled, sectioned, and presented in an environmentally-friendly cup. The asking price was a shocking $9.50.

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