Karen Boatwright​

Senior Account Manager

As a multi skilled team leader for ANZ for 25 years, Karen served in multiple roles, including, assisting with the automated teller machines (ATM) and cash reconciliations, and for the past 3 years, Karen has been part of the team at Perth Tax People.

Karen is a highly qualified, friendly professional, and loves working alongside business owners in all industries, ranging from hospitality to construction, from franchisees to sub-contractors, aiding her clients to understand all aspects of their bookkeeping, payroll, GST and other tax related issues and obligations.

Apart from helping small businesses in all things accounting, Karen has a wealth of experience when it comes to dealing with Australian Tax Office matters and is happy to represent clients on their behalf.

Karen has achieved many positive outcomes for her clients, one in particular being a food service outlet, who received a 3 year audit for unpaid superannuation obligations.  Karen expertly handled all ATO requests methodically and meticulously, therefore allowing her client to continue to grow his with business without the added financial worry.

When she isn’t hard at work, Karen enjoys spending time relaxing with her parents and niece and watching the latest movie releases.