I have used Mr Vasoya for the past 5 years to do my tax and accounting. I have always found Nilesh to be very customer orientated in finding the right tax solution for my company.

Before using Nilesh my life was miserable, filled with frustration then in a short space of time I got clarity back in my books and was able to function on creativity and important things in my business.

Tax Accounting Australia is the best friendly accounting service provider, strongly recommend.

We've been using Tax Accounting Australia for many years now, and I've been very impressed with the exceptional service I've received. Nilesh really seems to understand my business, and the advice we have received has been correct and perfect for our business .The firm has been very helpful with doing my book-keeping as well as all my accounting and audit work. I'm very happy with the service and recommend them to everyone.

In an age where we are quick to complain, we are slow to say thank you and commend good work. I should like to thank Tax Accounting Australia for their recent diligent work and for honouring the efficient advice and service as promised. I am also amazed at the tax strategy you have implemented over the last year. A big thank you Mr. Nilesh and highly recommended your service.

I have been working with Nilesh for the last four years and he has provided excellent services in accounting. He is very honest and reliable and available as and when I needed his service. He has sound knowledge of accounting and taxation.

We have been a client with Tax Accounting Australia since last 2 years and we can only say that we have had nothing but an exceptional service. Mr. Nilesh Vasoya really seems to understand our business and has been very helpful with doing my Tax and Accounting. Highly recommended.