Lost Your Tax File Number? Here’s How to Handle a Lost TFN

Lost Your Tax File Number? Here’s How to Handle a Lost TFN

The level of rising tension when you lost TFN? We know right…..But!!!!!!

Don’t worry if you’ve searched through your paper and digital documents but can’t discover your missing tax file number (TFN). There are techniques you can do to get it back. By scrolling down to the third portion of this post, you may skip right to their advice.

Your Tax File Number (TFN) is a significant number that is always associated with you. The Australian Tax Office (ATO) frequently uses it for taxation, superannuation, and identity. The question therefore becomes not only whether or whether your stolen tax file number is nowhere to be discovered. We’ll give you some advice on what to do if you’ve misplaced your Tax File Number in this post. If you are looking for accurate accounting & taxation services and personal tax accountants australia for business tax accounting, without any delay tap to our contact details and get free consultancy.

Lost Your Tax File Number? Find Out with Tax Accounting

A Tax File Number: What Is It?

A nine-digit number that is exclusive to you is your TFN. You must include it on your tax returns since it serves as your unique identifier in tax and superannuation systems. Additionally, a TFN is required to register for government benefits, seek for employment, or get an Australian Business Number (ABN). Since you will have this number forever, it is imperative that you write it down and save it securely. You shouldn’t disclose it to anybody outside your super fund, bank, employer, ATO, and tax accountant.

How Can I Obtain a Tax File Number?

You may apply for a TFN at any age, and it is free to do so. Your residence status will determine how you apply for your TFN. If you are an adult resident of Australia, you may apply for your TFN by:

  • myGov account
  • Branch of Australia Post
  • Australia Service Centre
  • Via mail/post

The procedure will be different whether you have a foreign passport, are a migrant or temporary guest, or are an Australian citizen who is currently residing overseas.

What Can I do if I’ve lost My Tax File Number?

Do not become anxious if you lose your TFN. It is possible to locate it again. Your TFN is going to be found by following below mentioned steps:

  • Last year tax returns
  • Income statement
  • Any communication from the ATO
  • Your superannuation account

What Should I Do Next If I Still Can’t Find My Tax File Number?

The next step is to get in touch with the tax preparer/accountant who handled your most recent tax return. Your TFN must be kept on file by tax accountants for record-keeping purposes, so they can search it up for you. To verify your identification, they could initially ask you a few questions.  Call the ATO at (13 28 61) if you haven’t filed any tax returns with a qualified tax accountant. To properly identify you, the individual will ask you further qualifying questions. For next calls, you can also be prompted to leave a voiceprint.

How Do Voice Prints Work?

Your voice is captured in voice prints, which may be compared to a fresh sample to see whether the frequency, amplitude, and duration are consistent. The ATO can precisely identify you because to the additional security layer provided by voice prints.

Before setting up your voice print, you will be prompted to input your TFN. You must say “In Australia, my voice identifies me,” three times when requested. They use this recording to recognize your voice. Then, you’ll have to provide more evidence of your identification. Once configured properly, you may call the ATO and immediately verify your identification using your voice print.

What if I Believe My TFN Is Missing?

You must take action if you believe someone has fraudulently accessed your TFN. Your TFN might be used with other data that has been taken by scammers and they get:

  • Access your bank account
  • Access myGov account
  • Steal your retirement benefits
  • Registrations for self-managed super funds that are false
  • Requesting and receiving government assistance
  • Sell your residence
  • Fraud committed under your identity
  • Make false BAS modifications for your company
  • Sell your identity to criminal organizations

When your identity is stolen, you find yourself in a sticky situation that may be difficult to resolve. Getting a job and renting a house will both be more challenging as a result of identity theft. Even applying for government services, a bank account, or a credit card may include severe obstacles.

How Can I Safeguard My TFN?

We cannot emphasize more how crucial it is to protect your TFN. Only a select few persons and locations may request your TFN, including:

  • Your registered tax preparer
  • The ATO
  • Centrelink
  • Your bank or other financial institution
  • Your employer after you begin employment
  • Your super fund

How Can I Defend Against Identity Theft?

The first step is to comprehend how fraudsters operate. They are skilled at putting information from several social media networks and postings together. For instance, scammers may obtain information from your personal profiles of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram and use it to find out necessary details about you, like your mother’s maiden name, residence, the name of your first pet, and the names of your children, which is pretty dangerous and threatening. When put together, these facts can enable them to build a virtual identity that is thorough enough to grant them access to your account information.

Due to this, you should refrain from posting any of the following on social media:

  • Financial details
  • Your TFN
  • Dates of birth
  • Addresses especially old ones because they can be used in security questions
  • Images that contain identifiable information
  • Any information related to myGov accounts
  • Anything you’ve used as a security question, such as your favorite color, high school teacher, or the brand of your first automobile

It’s also critical to carefully analyze each friend request and to add only those you are truly acquainted with. You should set your profiles to private if you want to be extra cautious about security. We suggest you to use social media accounts for time pass without giving all necessary details and if you are popular among people then your chances will be more to get trapped by scammers. Always add additional securities for safety.

Firms, Partnerships, and Corporations:

You must apply for a new TFN for your business as a corporation or other legal entity. Sole proprietors are not covered by this. The procedure for recovering a lost tax file number is similar to that used by individuals, including looking through paper records of receipts, tax returns, and company activity statements. You may look up your TFN on wage summaries if you have employees. You may obtain statements and BAS by logging onto the Business Portal through the ATO. There are further possibilities, such as sending your TFN application in hard copies or by email.

Managers of Passwords:

You may save your passwords and other information safely using personal password managers like Bitwarden. You will only need to remember one login for your selected password manager in order to access your saved credentials. There are several paid and free programmes available that provide individual, family, and company packages. To make sure you choose a reliable supplier who takes necessary precautions to encrypt and secure your data, you must first do some research? If you’ve received emails or papers that include your TFN, delete the emails immediately and shred the paperwork. Never divulge your internet passwords to anyone, and if at all possible, refrain from emailing your TFN or any other sensitive financial information.

Malware and Virus Protection:

A strong cyber security solution called malware protection gives your machine an additional layer of defense against online threats. Malware protection is downloaded to your device and periodically scans it to find, quarantine, and get rid of any malware to keep your systems safe. Since everything in the modern world takes place virtually, anti-virus software is a need. The key actions to do are listed below:

  • Make sure your malware, spyware, and anti-virus applications are up to date
  • Verify the status of your firewall
  • Keep your personal information off of websites that aren’t safe or whose security you’re unsure of
  • Avoid clicking links in emails or texts unless you are positive that the sender is someone you know and trust.


At tax accounting australia, our staff enjoys celebrating our clients’ achievements. As a personal tax accountant perth, we are devoted to and eager to help our clients’ goals come true, whether that success is establishing a business, retiring, or taking a vacation. Whether you are a corporation or a person, the top concern should be to prevent TFN theft. If that isn’t the case, then using the procedures above should help you locate your TFN. Making sure that never occurs again is the final stage. Wondering best tax accountant Perth as a guidance for personal tax account, we are among top tax & Accounting firms Perth to assist you with best.

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